Farewell Targus – Enter The NOMATIC Messenger Bag

Its been over a decade since I purchased my Targus CityGear Atlanta messenger bag… a bag that has held a myriad of smartphones, laptops, sunglasses, interview suits (yes, for real), wallets, watches, chargers, folders, papers… and the list goes on and on. It traveled with me on every interview. I used it as a pre-med in college, as a medical student, as a resident, and throughout fellowship. Its been at my side throughout thick and thin. And now I’m making it sound like a spouse, lol.

Unfortunately, this bag finally starting getting tattered and torn to a point where I wanted to upgrade. Two weeks ago, I received my NOMATIC messenger bag, and thus far, have been incredibly pleased with its materials and clever compartments! It fits my 13″ MacBook, 11″ iPad Pro, Sony headphones, cables, HydroFlask, work-related gear (badges, scrub cap, pager), sunglasses, and a myriad of other things with incredibly efficiency! Check out the pictures below, and drop me a comment with what you think!

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