I recently embarked on the application process for Global Entry – a pre-approved expedited clearance for domestic and international travelers. The $100 fee was covered by my Premiere Rewards credit card, and the online application was fairly straightforward. The headache was scheduling an interview.

The Trusted Travelers Program (TTP) reminded applicants that they are extremely backlogged with the interview process. Living in Houston, I was happy to see so many options available on the TTP website – Sugar Land, the public library, Hobby Airport, Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), etc. However, come to find out, most of these aren’t even offering interviews. The only one that seemed to be available in the near future was for travelers returning from international flights (boarding pass required) at IAH.

Just my luck, there was randomly an opening this week for one time slot at 8:30 AM that I jumped on! Perusing several forums, this is often times the best way to get an interview slot.

For those who are in the Houston area, park in Terminal E arrivals and walk across to the actual terminal. Once you’re in, look to your right and you’ll see the entrance. Fortunately, there’s a Starbucks right next to it to buy some time! 🙂

In addition to my passport (actual passport, NOT passport card), I brought my electric bill statement (showing my current address) and a copy of my apartment lease “just in case.” The interview itself took 5-10 minutes and consisted of name/address verification, passport review, fingerprint scanning, taking a picture and discussing the benefits of Global Entry. Fortunately this will last five years from my next birthday before I need to renew it!

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