Dansko XP 2.0 Clogs

My Brooks Ghost 11 GTXs have started to break down, but they served their purpose very well during my fellowship training as a work shoe, cross-trainer, and walking around Boston (thank you, waterproof GoreTex material!) It was time for me to jump on the bandwagon and get into clogs, so I purchased the Dansko XP 2.0 Mens Black Burnished Nubuck clogs earlier today.

Compared to the usual shoes I wear (either flip flops or laced shoes), I thought it would take me some time to wearing clogs… but so far, so good! They’re super comfortable, easy to clean, and even make me a little taller. 😉

Drop me a comment with what kind of shoes you wear to work!

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  1. Hey Rishi,

    You bought these as an attending, but would you have gotten these Dansko clogs as a resident(with resident wages in mind)if you could go back and do it over again?>>Does the comfort of these shoes make it worth the money to buy them over a standard pair of running/athletic shoes for the wards/OR in the hospital? My folks are willing to buy a pair of the Danskos for me as a graduation gift going into my PGY-1 year but I wanted your input as well. Thanks.


    • Hey Paul! Clogs take a little time to get used to compared to shoes most of us “grow up with”, but I’m definitely happy I went this route! So far they’ve held up really well, so they will likely last years.

  2. I wore Brooks Ghost 11’s till they wore down bad. I have very painful PF so my podiatrist recommended Danskos because after 12 hour shifts I’d be limping. I can survive 12’s in them and I’m not in intense pain like I was! The height is a little bit for me sometimes because I move faster than I should and have tripped a few times but these are wonderful otherwise.

    • I agree, Sabrina! When I first got mine, I would trip over myself once a day for like a week. Now, they’re so much easier to wear and clean than my previous Brooks shoes. Not to mention way more comfortable after working all day. 🙂

  3. I wear the dansko clogs to work too. If I work too many shifts in a row I change it up and wear a pair of Hoka sneakers. They are not great looking but the comfort is unbelievable. I’m also a huge Saucony Omni fan and Brooks ghost fan.

    Love your posts and look forward to them.
    Picu/cvicu Rn 25 years – not sure where the time went


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