RK.MD Interface For 2020

I purchased this domain name over a decade ago, and in that time, I’ve transitioned through so many user interfaces and backend features! In the process, I’ve learned so much about the evolution of the Internet from its basic underpinnings to the extent that we can push performance, security, and web design. For 2020, I’m more focused than ever on showcasing my content through a simple, responsive user interface. This WordPress powered site – RK.MD – serves as the backbone for all of my social media, so keeping it updated with the times is of paramount importance to me.

Because I’m constantly referring to posts on this website, I wanted to make “search” as simple as possible. There are options in the main navigation bar as well as the sidebar. Furthermore, the sidebar primarily contains links to my social media, podcast, and email subscription. To keep things clean, I got rid of other features like polls, tags, category lists, etc. I got rid of an elaborate banner and replaced it with my logo. Furthermore, people have loved my pharmacology posts, so I created a row on the main page (below featured posts, above recent posts) dedicated to just that!

I also restyled the website with some CSS media query magic to automatically create a light or dark mode experience based on the user’s default operating system appearance. Check out the video below as I toggle between “light” and “dark” experiences on Mac OS.

I’m also planning on a monthly journal club where I’ll send out a recently published journal article (something that’s free) ahead of time and analyze it in depth.

Thank you all for your readership over the years! I’m always open to feedback, so if you have suggestions or experience glitches, feel free to send me a message!

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