The Batmobile – My Tesla Model S Plaid

With the three-year lease on my Tesla Model 3 Performance almost up, I had to search for a replacement car as buying out the Model 3 was not an option per the contract I signed in 2019. I’ve been incredibly happy with my Tesla experience. Despite the other electric vehicles (EVs) on the market, Tesla is much farther in terms of its technologies and infrastructure.

I decided to buy rather than lease my next EV as I anticipate keeping it for the next decade or more. With mortgage interest rates climbing at the time of this writing, I’ll be living the apartment life for a couple more years (which I’m really happy with) and opted to get the car I wanted.

On May 1, 2022, I purchased a Tesla Model S Plaid.

For those who don’t know, the “Plaid” label references the movie Spaceballs – the only thing beyond ludicrous is plaid. 🙂

The original delivery window was August 3rd – September 28th. A few days later, this was moved up to June 18th – July 23rd. On June 6th, I received my vehicle identification number (VIN), and the estimated delivery window was June 12th – 18th. I was soon notified to pick a delivery date. I also opted to go with Tesla Insurance, which is available to Tesla owners in eight states at the time of this writing (Texas is one!)

After finishing my ICU shift on June 25th, I went home and Uber’ed to the dealership to take delivery after hours (as simple as accepting delivery from the app on my phone!) I spent a few minutes adjusting all the settings to my liking and made the journey home!

After work on June 27th, I dropped off the car at Gulf Coast Auto Shield for total body XPEL STEALTH paint protection film (PPF), XPEL window tint, and smoked-out tail lights. All in all, a pretty stealthy look… what I’ve always wanted! 😉

Dropping off the Batmobile at Gulf Coast Auto Shield

After getting all-weather interior floor liners, mud flaps from Tesla, and a custom license plate, the car is finished! I give you the Batmobile, my Tesla Model S Plaid:

The following are random pictures I’ve taken:

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