National Board of Echocardiography (NBE) Critical Care Echocardiography (CCEeXAM) Case Log Template

Here’s an Excel case log template for the practice experience pathway for critical care echocardiography certification (CCEeXAM) through the National Board of Echocardiography (NBE).

This is the template I used to get diplomate status at the time of this writing. It’s based on the sample provided by the NBE.

Please leave me a comment with suggestions or if you found this template helpful! 😊

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  1. Hi Dr.Rishi,

    Thanks for sharing the template. I am a PCCM fellow and I’ve passed the CCEeXAM. I have logged about 100 cases so far.

    How detailed should the logs be? Mine are about 2 to 3 sentences, with findings and measurements listed. Do you have a sample of logs to share?


    • I included quantitative assessments (e.g., TAPSE, LVOT VTI, LVEF by Simpson’s, PISA, etc.) and qualitative assessments (leaflet sclerosis, effusion, variation, mild/mod/severe valvulopathies, etc.) Keep in mind that it wasn’t feasible to do every measurement in every situation due to limited windows. Also, I don’t think all of these things are necessary for CCEeXAM certification.


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