Building The Lego Technic Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance

I’m a fan of high-performance engineering and an automotive enthusiast, so naturally, Formula 1 (F1) has been an interest of mine for years. I decided to construct the LEGO Technic Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance Race Car (affiliate link) to display in my office. It’s been years since I played with Legos, but I can’t express how much nerdy fun I had to build this thing while learning about the more subtle nuances of how an F1 car is actually constructed. It took ~12 hours to assemble the 1,642 pieces, and the final build weighs 1,391 grams (~4.25 pounds). Coincidentally, George Russell got pole position for Mercedes at the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend while I was finishing off the build. 😂

I’ve gotta admit that while $200+ for a LEGO kit is expensive, this thing is quality! The pieces are well organized into several bags, the manual illustrates assembly step-by-step with clear diagrams, and the sheer number of pieces and the intricacy of the components made the build challenging yet satisfying!

LEGO Technic is known for its mechanical realism, and this being my first Technic kit, I was amazed by the detail in the suspension system, the V6 engine with moving pistons/gears, the attention to aerodynamic bodywork, and all the subtle things that make this replica impressive.

When F1 implements new regulations in 2026, I’ll definitely be purchasing another Technic set.

Here are some shots during the build process!

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