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DNI Without DNR?

“Do not intubate” (DNI) and “do not resuscitate” (DNR) are two different entities. Often times a tenuous cardiopulmonary status or altered mentation requires securing the airway with endotracheal intubation well before full-on resuscitation with advanced cardiopulmonary life support (ACLS).

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Exchanging Endotracheal Tubes With A Cook Catheter

When exchanging an endotracheal tube (ETT) for a new single lumen tube (SLT) or double lumen tube (DLT), a paramount concern is losing the patient’s airway. Most institutions use some form of an exchange catheter to facilitate ETT exchanges, and in my training thus far, Cook catheters have been the way …

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Difference Between MAC and Sedation

Medical procedures span such a vast spectrum. A simple peripheral IV placement often requires no anesthetic whereas complex cardiovascular surgeries warrant carefully administered general anesthetics. Procedures like external reductions of limb fractures, laceration repairs, colonoscopies, cardiac catheterizations, etc. have tremendous variability in terms of how to administer narcotics, hypnotics, and …

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Who Is Mallampati?

Dr. S. Rao Mallampati is an anesthesiologist well known for creating one of the most widely accepted pre-operative airway assessments in clinical practice. His original paper correlates the “ability to visualize the faucial pillars, soft palate and base of uvula… as a means of predicting the degree of difficulty in …

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