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Finished With My Senior Presentation!

About six weeks ago, I blogged about how I chose to look at the evidence-based challenges to several dogmas in anesthesiology as my senior presentation. There are countless topics I could have chosen to cover in this presentation (the efficacy of cricoid pressure, vasoactive agents during free-flap repairs, factors in …

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Difference Between MAC and Sedation

Medical procedures span such a vast spectrum. A simple peripheral IV placement often requires no anesthetic whereas complex cardiovascular surgeries warrant carefully administered general anesthetics. Procedures like external reductions of limb fractures, laceration repairs, colonoscopies, cardiac catheterizations, etc. have tremendous variability in terms of how to administer narcotics, hypnotics, and …

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Tips For Beginning Anesthesiology Residency

Arguably, anesthesiology has one of the largest learning curves right off the bat. Though you’ll rely on the medical knowledge you’ve obtained through medical school and as an intern, clinical anesthesiology is something entirely different. This is what makes entering your first few months a bit unnerving but incredibly exciting! You’re …

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“The Patient Is Moving!”

Patient movement is a normal, reflexive response to a stimulus not completely blunted by a “light” anesthetic. This does NOT mean the patient is aware of what is happening. These are two entirely different concepts and unfortunately something which many of our surgical colleagues do not understand. That being said, …

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