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Finished With Emergency Medicine

Unilateral facial pain with some subjective fevers, diaphoresis, and numbness/tingling in the same region. “So what medications are you taking?” I noticed the disproportionate opening of his mouth as he answered.” While we joked about random current events, I thought I saw a discrepancy in his eyelid elevation. And then …

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Last Shift In The E.R.

T-minus two hours till the E.R. portion of this surgery rotation is over. I worked yesterday 7a-7p and had the morning/afternoon to finish reading the NMS Surgery Casebook today, but being ever-so-absent-minded, I left the book at Ben Taub. Instead, I spent the day playing computer games. After all, there …

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Overnight EC Shift

Yesterday was Baylor Med’s first round of interviews for incoming medical students, so I naturally jumped on board to give basic science and clinical tours. Interviewing and giving said tours when I was an MS1/MS2 helped me “step away” from the classroom and remember what it felt like to be …

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