Overnight EC Shift

Yesterday was Baylor Med’s first round of interviews for incoming medical students, so I naturally jumped on board to give basic science and clinical tours. Interviewing and giving said tours when I was an MS1/MS2 helped me “step away” from the classroom and remember what it felt like to be a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed pre-med student. Doing the same as a student on the wards is even more rewarding since I can share, first-hand, the clinical strengths of our program.

I had a great time meeting the applicants! As with every other year, the more interviewees I talk to, the more I feel inadequate about my own accomplishments in life. 😛 Oh, and somehow this blog has made its way to Rice University’s pre-med group – shout out to the Owls out there. 😎

After giving a brief clinical tour of the Texas Medical Center, I proceeded to Ben Taub to work a fulfilling 7am-7pm shift in the emergency center (EC). Watching a lumbar puncture, seeing glucose readings well over 600 for multiple patients, having a patient ask if I was single because her daughter is “looking” (whatever that means at 3:30am), palpating and reducing a ventral hernia, reading EKGs and CT scans, etc. The environment in the EC is fast paced, but there are an incredible number of opportunities to do things. Plus, the fact that all the attendings and residents are laid back makes it even more conducive towards learning.

I got home around 8:45am, ate something, and realized just how pleasant the weather was for a change. Instead of falling asleep, I went to run a few errands, got home and played some computer games, and then knocked out for a couple hours.

Looking to spend the rest of the afternoon studying more of NMS CaseBook… or at least that’s the plan. 🙂

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