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Lose Weight By Counting… Something

I remember a few years ago, the Atkin's Diet was the latest fad circulating among people trying to shed those extra pounds. Now all I see on TV are the Nutrisystem commercials advertising high protein, pre-portioned meals. However,…

A Non-Vegetarian’s Rant

So in commemoration of the Indian New Year, I had to take my mom to her favorite Indian restaurant in Houston - Bhojan. Unfortunately for me, mommy dearest is a vegetarian, and that particular restaurant only served Gujarati veg-food. :-x

The Beauty Of B12

We're all so preoccupied with getting enough Vitamin A for good vision and Vitamin C to prevent scurvy-related symptoms that the B vitamins seem left out. In reality, the family of B vitamins is responsible for maintaining a wide assortment…