A Non-Vegetarian’s Rant

So in commemoration of the Indian New Year, I had to take my mom to her favorite Indian restaurant in Houston – Bhojan. Unfortunately for me, mommy dearest is a vegetarian, and that particular restaurant only served Gujarati veg-food. 😡

It’s terrible. My dad, brother, and I eat everything, but my mother only cooks vegetarian food at home. Whenever we get a chance to go out to an Indian restaurant, I’m overcome with joy in anticipation of devouring chicken tikka masala or tandoori chicken; however, today was just a sick joke. I sat there and ate more of the same stuff I’m accustomed to passing up at home in favor of pepperoni pizza lean pockets or turkey sandwiches. Sometimes I think that Gujarati food is the worst thing to ever emerge out of India. *Sighs* I should’ve been born in Punjab.

Anyways, I also made a striking observation. I knew the restaurant sucked since everyone was of a “brown” decent. Believe it or not, most of the better Indian restaurants have a wide variety of people (sometimes, Indian guests are the minorities in their own restaurant). Not only that, but I enjoy seeing hefty brown guys in other restaurants; that way, I don’t feel as bad going back to the buffet line for seconds. 😉 At Bhojan, all the guests had six inch waistlines padded by their khaki trousers and pressed shirts. According to online reviews, the food really is good… just not to someone of my taste. Bleh, at least the customer service was great and mom really enjoyed it.

So in conclusion, I follow a balanced diet as much as the next guy, but when I get to visit an Indian restaurant once in a blue moon, I want my murghi (chicken)! Oh, and to the person who is thinking:

“Rishi… you’re a Hindu. You’re not supposed to be eating meat. What a disgrace!”

My personal view of religion does not entail abiding by some restriction on food. If all Hindus believed in strict vegetarianism and the world’s agricultural system came to a stand still, we would be the first ones to go extinct. I understand why people choose to be vegetarians, but I don’t understand how it’s now universally recognized as a facet of Hinduism. In terms of health, poultry and fish provide some of the best sources of nutrition available for consumption. Lol, plus, I don’t see how one can be considered to have a “balanced diet” without eating all types of food.

…I’m done ranting. 🙂

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  1. I actually fell for your first sentence…but hey, i’m sure if you studied the languages you would pick them up fast, you are a prodigy child! 🙂

    I do have one question though. What do you consider hardcore? In terms of religion…

    The reason I ask is because

    1.) I had this conversation earlier with my cousin
    2.) I like intellectual conversations and who better to have one with than Mr. Genius himself!

    So today (i’m sorry if I’m boring you!) My cousin and I were discussing dogs, and basically they are considered “non-clean” in Islam, which means we avoid them.

    And she has two dogs, and we are going to stay at her place during break, so I was telling her to keep the dogs away from me.

    This is when she went crazy on me and decided to tell me that I’m a “extremist muslim”

    To be honest, I was shocked. I think I have a long way to go until I get to that! I view an extremist as someone who covers their head, prays 5 times a day, is terrified of the western world, etc… But I guess its subjective.

    So that is where my question arises. In terms of religion what do you consider hardcore and/or where do you stand?

  2. Rishi, I must say this blog was pretty enjoyable. BTW, I dont think many ppl think your a disgrace, because to my knowledge, most hindus these days eat chicken and fish now. Of course, i think they do it because its “fashionable” rather than nutrition reasons. I mean c’mon…the fact that aishwariya rai eats chicken is enough to turn some the non-veg. way. LOL…

    Of course, I’m not hindu, so I’m only telling of my personal experiences (i’m sure you know the demographics more!)

    Btw, do you understand/speak hindi? (the murghi thing)

    And I’m glad “Oscar” put an “lol” after his last comment, because as a practicing muslim, and the pig thing, I would have had to start a religious arguement with him. 😉

  3. I’m shocked Rizwana. I thought you knew that I spoke Hindi, Gujarati, Arabic, Russian, and Swahili along with all the relevant dialects fluently. 😉 Haha, nah, my parents speak broken Hindi-Gujarati-English at home so I’m capable of understanding most of the language but can’t speak it. The words just don’t come to me. And yeah, about the pig thing, since it’s just excluding one form of meat, then it’s not a big real; however, some hardcore Hindus are strict vegetarians. That just seems like a nutritional impairment if you ask me.

  4. You made me laugh, bro. I am the same way, if it’s edible and tastes good, I eat it. Salads are for rabbits. I eat all types of meat, fish, cow, pig, even goat, deer, and rabbit. We have canine teeth for a reason. I also get sad when i see people cannot eat bacon due to their religion, dude…they are missing out on GOOD stuff. lol


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