Blue Apron – Spicy Sambal Chicken And Rice

Tonight was my first time using Blue Apron, and the experience was great! Everything arrived in the mail fresh, and the preparation of this inaugural meal - spicy sambal chicken and rice - only...

MyFitnessPal, Jawbone UP, and Android Wear Integration

Residency often makes it difficult to eat healthy on a regular basis. It's especially easy to venture down the path of stress eating during long call shifts. After thinking about my eating habits and propensity...

The Free Food Gene

If there's one thing I've discovered this weekend between blocks 4 and 5, it's the stark contrast between life inside and outside of medical school. It got me thinking... there are some things which...

Green Tea – To Your Health

Preventative medicine is an interesting topic to discuss especially when trying to reduce healthcare costs. At the same time, many people are trying to find cheap solutions to a.) lose weight, b.) get healthy,...

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