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The Free Food Gene

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered this weekend between blocks 4 and 5, it’s the stark contrast between life inside and outside of medical school. It got me thinking… there are some things which medical students grow fond of in school, but when its taken away, there’s a noticeable impact.

What exactly am I referring to? Well, for one, the cost of food. While we’re in school, there are so many opportunities for free food. PRN breakfasts, electives where lunch is provided, guest speaker conferences or research seminars where snacks are available, candy from the office of student affairs, and of course the cheap breakfast migas at Luby’s. Whether it’s a Friday interview session or an organization providing food for a general meeting, we know exactly when and where to show up for a free grubbin’. This isn’t to say that we’re lazy – most of us are just broke. 馃榾

…gosh I could go for a breakfast taco right about now.


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