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Typing And Screening My Own Blood!

While fourth year medical students around the country found out if they matched today, I spent the morning doing a type and screen on myself! The blood bank phlebotomist drew some blood, and I proceeded to run the centrifuge, gels, and add reagents under the direction of an expert technician.

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Finished With Heme/Onc!

I have one more day call tomorrow, and I’ll be done with my elective on the hematology/oncology service. Its been a great month working with my colleagues on other consult services to coordinate patient care. The topic of Obamacare has become a fervent interest for many over the last few …

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Halfway Done With Heme-Onc

As I young child, I distinctly remember being fascinated by my dad’s career in medical technology. Watching the centrifuge separate blood components within a test tube was pretty cool, but I found mounting slides, looking through a microscope, and identifying different cell types to be way more interesting. In retrospect, …

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End Of PCU – Beginning Heme/Onc

Friday was my last day in the Progressive Care Unit and marked the conclusion of my 2nd month as a resident. I learned so much about the “art of medicine” from my attendings and was honored to work with a great bunch of colleagues.

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Rosai-Dorfman is a very rare condition with unknown etiology characterized by histiocyte-rich lymphadenopathy throughout the body. I had never encountered this disease process before my preceptorship on Thursday and was eager to learn a bit more in spite of its low prevalence.

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