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Busy Day On Acute Pain

What a crazy day - the first epidural I've ever had to abandon, a myriad of acute pain consults, continuous block of the brachial plexus at the axilla, rectus sheath block x 6, post-op TAP block... and more Tegaderms than I want to remember…

Finished With MD Anderson ICU Rotation!

I'm officially finished with my MD Anderson ICU rotation and looking forward to my next rotation on the cardiac transplant and ventricular assist device ICU service at Texas Heart Institute. Working with critically ill cancer patients…

The Emotional Fatigue Of A Code Blue

"Push FAST, GO!" I heard our ICU attending say as we hurled our patient's stretcher down the hall towards a vacant ICU bed. "PEA arrest - as soon as we stop, someone needs to jump on the bed and start chest compressions!"

The Weekend Medical ICU Resident

I ran most of the medical ICU this weekend and had flashbacks to ICU rotations from my intern year. It's a field I was considering from the get go, but this weekend reinvigorated my interest in pursuing a critical care fellowship.

First Day Of CA-2 Year

I'm kicking off my third year of residency ("CA-2" in anesthesia world) working at MD Anderson Cancer Center, one of the top two cancer institutes in the country! As a medical student at Baylor Med, we had limited opportunities to work…