First Day Of CA-2 Year

I’m kicking off my third year of residency (“CA-2” in anesthesia world) working at MD Anderson Cancer Center, one of the top two cancer institutes in the country! As a medical student at Baylor Med, we had limited opportunities to work there; however, as a resident, we do an ICU rotation and acute pain rotation at this wonderful hospital.

My first day was just like any other on a new rotation. Lost. Confused. Filled with paperwork, badging, and orientation. The entire ICU is primarily run by mid-level providers, so residents are basically unnecessary, glorified medical students with our “doctor” titles. Just like anything else, taking the initiative will be invaluable in getting the most out of this rotation in terms of patient care and procedures (line placement, intubations, etc.)

I’m also hoping to get a lot of reading done, since I’ve totally slacked off after the Basic exam last month and need to refresh my knowledge base. Anyways, here’s hoping for a productive rotation! 🙂

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