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Today’s date is 12/12/12… the last time the month number will match the last two digits of the year till the 22nd century. Just wanted to leave a breadcrumb in my little corner of the Internet for the sake of memories. Oh, and just for fun, this post will be …

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I’ve been in my closet for most of the afternoon cleaning out my grade school and undergrad work in preparation for medical school. I came across several things which I had little reason to keep, but I wanted to still photograph them for the sake of memories. Among these was …

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Three Months Left

Just under three months left before Baylor College of Medicine’s mandatory orientation, and I’m beginning to feel a rush of denial overcoming me. This past year was supposed to be my “last hurrah” before beginning a journey with no foreseeable end. After so many months of waking up late, washing …

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Taking A Year Off

I know a lot of my peers are considering the possibility of taking a year off before graduate/professional school. While their reasons for doing so vary greatly, I want to share my outcome of doing the same before medical school.

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I’ve spent the last few days doing nothing but going to the gym and playing computer games. My Baylor Med merit scholarship essay still awaits completion, but I have very little drive to work on it. This mentality is something which I prided myself in not having while applying to …

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