Today's date is 12/12/12... the last time the month number will match the last two digits of the year till the 22nd century. Just wanted to leave a breadcrumb in my little corner of...


I've been in my closet for most of the afternoon cleaning out my grade school and undergrad work in preparation for medical school. I came across several things which I had little reason to...

Three Months Left

Just under three months left before Baylor College of Medicine's mandatory orientation, and I'm beginning to feel a rush of denial overcoming me. This past year was supposed to be my "last hurrah" before...

Taking A Year Off

I know a lot of my peers are considering the possibility of taking a year off before graduate/professional school. While their reasons for doing so vary greatly, I want to share my outcome of...


I've spent the last few days doing nothing but going to the gym and playing computer games. My Baylor Med merit scholarship essay still awaits completion, but I have very little drive to work...

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