Three Months Left

Just under three months left before Baylor College of Medicine’s mandatory orientation, and I’m beginning to feel a rush of denial overcoming me. This past year was supposed to be my “last hurrah” before beginning a journey with no foreseeable end. After so many months of waking up late, washing lots of dishes, reading exactly one book, playing Counter-Strike, and cheering on the Rockets (GET RED!!), I’ve come to a realization.This isn’t really a break, or at least not as much of a break as it should be. Call it nerdy or weird, but I’m much more relaxed at school. Having the camaraderie amongst my classmates… whining about exams and homework assignments in unison… having to efficiently balance my study schedule with recreational activities, etc. etc. – I’m just much more familiar (and comfortable) with being productive.

Sometimes I wonder why people complain about end-of-semester exams being stacked on a hefty work schedule along with problems at home and whatever else. The situation could always be worse. Going through grade school and then undergrad, most of us become accustomed to the hectic routine of education but fail to acknowledge the fact that stress will only escalate through life.

It’s only when we don’t have to worry about anything that we realize how much we miss those stressful situations. Oh the irony. 😀

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  1. Man, I think those same thoughts myself. I mean, for me, it’s different. But I guess it’s also kind of the same. I was out of work for five months. And during that time, I got a lot done. But I also slept in every single morning, without fail. Back before I lost my former job, I would have envisioned five months off as the perfect time to write a book. But I didn’t even read a book — much less write a chapter of a book. I’ve realized something since going back to work. I get almost everything done that I used to get done AND I work eight hours a day. How can that be?

    Wow. ((Sigh))

    Thank you for baffling me. I needed a good baffling. 🙂


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