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I Wear A Coat

The students at UT Southwestern did an incredible job putting together this parody.

UT Southwestern Acceptance

What an interesting surprise I had today when I checked the mail. UT Southwestern medical school sent me an acceptance letter (talk about last...

UT Southwestern Changes Grading System

Students matriculating to Texas medical schools sure have a lot to look forward to this coming year. How will Baylor College of Medicine proceed...

Baylor College of Medicine versus UT Southwestern Medical School

Updated 9/11/2015 - new rankingsFor some Texas medical school applicants, there comes a point where they must decide between matriculating to Baylor College of Medicine...

UTSW Outcome; BCM Nears

Hurricane Ike really made my University of Texas Southwestern (UTSW) interview experience very interesting. Everyone showed a great deal of care by asking about...


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