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July, 2015

  • 4 July

    Anesthesiologists Are Old Or Bold – Never Both


    My ICU attending, a more experienced physician who has seen the practice of critical care evolve over decades, left me with an interesting thought yesterday. We were discussing a potentially difficult airway, and the need to be proactive rather than reactive, especially in the critically ill population. 

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  • 1 July

    First Day Of CA-2 Year


    I’m kicking off my third year of residency (“CA-2” in anesthesia world) working at MD Anderson Cancer Center, one of the top two cancer institutes in the country! As a medical student at Baylor Med, we had limited opportunities to work there; however, as a resident, we do an ICU ...

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  • 1 July

    First Year Of Anesthesiology Residency (CA-1) In Retrospect


    Today marks the end of my first year of clinical anesthesia (CA-1) and wanted to reflect on things I learned. While my intern year was filled with lessons inherent to becoming a new physician, my CA-1 year was very different! Anesthesiology has an incredibly steep learning curve – advanced physiology and pharmacology, new ...

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June, 2015

  • 29 June

    My List Of Favorites In Anesthesiology


    With my first year of clinical anesthesiology (CA-1) coming to an end, I wanted to make a list of “favorites” and other events from the past year.

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  • 29 June

    Finished With Obstetric Anesthesiology As A CA-1


    Tomorrow is my last day of obstetric anesthesiology and also my last day as a second year anesthesiology resident (CA-1). Over the last two months, I’ve done a ton of epidurals, spinals, and combined spinal-epidural anesthetics to help provide labor analgesia and surgical anesthesia for my patients. There’s nothing more gratifying than ...

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  • 26 June

    Same-Sex Marriage Legalized Across America

    US Supreme Court

    Today, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled that same-sex couples have a legal right to marriage… a topic which has garnered significant attention over the last decade.

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  • 25 June’s Facebook Page


    With the beginning of my third year of residency on the horizon, I wanted to expand my social media reach by creating a Facebook page which will essentially serve as a lifestream of my blog, Instagram, and Twitter outlets. I’ll need some time to get everything integrated, but I’d love ...

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