21st Birthday

It’s kind of sad. As far as birthdays go, there are only a few major “milestones” most people recognize. 13 signifies the beginning of teenhood. 16 grants you a driver’s license. 18 allows you to vote. 21 allows you to drink. But what’s after that?

I really can’t think of anything. It’s all downhill from here. I’ll be 30 soon. And then 40. And then 50. And then hopefully reaping the benefits of medicare and social security. 🙂 I still remember the day I turned 10 and was ridiculously excited to finally be in the “double digit” age. *Sighs* We live our teenage years hoping to get older for the aforementioned reasons (driving, voting, etc.), but upon reaching 21, I have nothing to look forward to. At this point, everything that transpires in my life will be due to my own actions rather than a legal privilege. I can only imagine what will happen by the time I’m 40.

I want to thank everyone for going out of their way to Facebook, text message, and call me on this important day in my life. I consider myself to be more of a product of my social circle than others, and therefore take it as a sincere privilege when I’m remembered for something as “trivial” as a birthday.  You all remind me how lucky I am to have friends like you. 🙂

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  1. You don’t drink? Well, that’s how I started…and then I met cognac. It helps to relax, having a buzz gives excellent ideas. It is the excess that is bad, but we are controlled individuals. After 21, you want to shop at Forever 21, cuz that is how you want to be, forever 21. haha


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