Med School App Mistakes

From freshman year, I’ve constantly heard the “early applicants get the early seats” mantra, and vowed that when my time came, I would finish my applications to TMDSAS and AMCAS as early as humanly possible. TMDSAS opened on May 1st; however, my MCAT scores were posted online on May 19th. This is where my laziness began.

Even though the scores came in much later than May 1st, I should have already finished the application by May 3rd at the latest. The process only takes about two hours of dedication, and maybe an hour of revision by a third party (friend, parent, etc.). Then I could have mailed the fees, certification page, and photos out the next day. Everything would have been in Austin by May 10th at the absolute latest, and then I would electronically release my MCAT scores when they were posted. Basically, my application could have been in Austin by May 20th, rather than May 27th (my actual date of submission). This would have helped speed up the application verification/processing as well from my current date of June 11th to a week before that. Yes, I know I’m complaining about a week, but I can live with how I approached the TMDSAS. It’s the AMCAS that frustrates me.

So AMCAS opened up on June 4th, and I submitted my application the very next day. Off to a great start? I think not. My transcripts were received over two weeks after that (June 19th). And since the AMCAS deals with all the American medical schools, verifying/processing the application takes as long as six weeks. Basically, my TMDSAS application was already processed by June 11th, but my AMCAS application is beginning its processing on June 19th. -_-‘. To conclude my frustration, my recommendation letter still has not been received by either service even though it was mailed out over a week ago. Fantastic! *Hoping my interviews still come in a timely fashion. Please don’t hate me, BCM.*

Thanks for reading my rant of the week. =).

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