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Fellowship Application Personal Statement

After my Instagram Live session last night, I received some requests to post my most recent personal statement. Keep in mind that this one essay was used to apply to two different fellowships (cardiothoracic anesthesiology and critical…

Tips For Interviews

An interview invitation means that a program has reviewed your application, and you’ve met some “minimum” they expect from potential matriculants. That being said, I’m a firm believer that the interview can hurt applicants more than it can…

Tips For Writing Your Personal Statement

A pivotal part of any application process is composing a personal statement (PS). This can be stressful as we're not usually accustomed to writing about ourselves, but here are some tips which might help you plan and revise your PS draft.

First Follow, Then Lead

"So do you see yourself as a leader or a follower?" Invariably, applicants are trained to emphatically say "leader" followed by extensively rehearsed anecdotes of their greatness at the helm of an organization or project. One of my favorite…

Be Wary of Easy Internships for Residency

For those who are doing a transitional or preliminary year prior to residency training, an easy intern year seems incredibly appealing. Having gone through the interview trail, I noted that some programs sold their intern year based on how…

Rank Order List Considerations

With the deadline for rank order lists (ROL) for NRMP applicants coming up in February, it's time to reiterate one of the most underrated facts about the residency match process - the match favors the applicant.