Before I Start Medical School…

Since I’ll be staying home in Houston for medical school, there’s no sense of urgency for “one last hurrah” before beginning my journey. Nevertheless, I’ll be vacationing in Hawaii this May and getting my feet wet with some notes from a current BCM MS1.

It’s just a little sad knowing that everyone else has these outlandish vacation plans for their “summer before med school” while I’ve done virtually nothing interesting in a whole year. Most of my time has gone towards tying up loose ends in my life, but as for trying something new and exciting, I’m at a loss. If I had to choose what I wanted to do before starting, here’s a brief list:

  • Skydiving
    • I’ve always wanted to do this, but convincing my mother will be rather difficult.
  • Parasailing
    • Might end up doing this in Hawaii.
  • Travel
    • Hawaii. 🙂 I love the beach!
    • Losing 10 more pounds
      • My gym subscription expires in a month, so I might have to resort to old school dieting.

    Ummm, wow, I really can’t think of anything else. 😀 Again, it’s probably because I’ve never had any life long ambition to do anything aside from getting into medical school, and it’s not like I’m going far from home.

    What would you do?

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      • Lol! My brother “volunteered” at some shooting range yesterday. I seriously have no idea how one volunteers at such a venue, but it really does make me want to go out and shoot for myself. Counter-Strike Source just isn’t enough sometimes. 😉

    1. parasailing of course!!! i went parasailing and it was amazing!!! do it before your life as a med student start.

      • Hahaha, now I’m looking forward to it! I just hope the rope doesn’t snap… and I don’t wind up in the water… and get eaten by sharks… heh. Murphy’s Law. 🙂


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