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Thank You, Dr. Kretzer

Today marks the third anniversary of Dr. Frank Kretzer's passing, and although I had the privilege of his lectures, teachings, and mentorship...

Farewell Houston – Onto Boston For Fellowship Training!

I'm feeling a myriad of emotions at the prospect of leaving all I have ever known this morning. I'll never forget the day that...

Baylor College of Medicine Anesthesiology Residency Minimums And Favorites

I previously blogged about the "minimums" anesthesiology residents must meet, and thanks to my training at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), I easily achieved...

Hours Before Residency Graduation

I'm sitting at home a few hours before my residency graduation reflecting on the many memories of residency while writing brief introductions for the...

One Week Till Residency Graduation

In less than six days, I'll be graduating from my four year categorical anesthesiology residency at Baylor College of Medicine. The ceremony will be...


I'm a cardiothoracic anesthesiology fellow and double board certified intensivist and anesthesiologist at Harvard looking to improve medical education, diagnostics, and patient safety while promoting team-based, patient-centered care.