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EarthDesk – Mac/Windows Desktop Wallpaper

Ever spend hours trying to find “just the right” wallpaper to accommodate your personality? Well I think I found one to tickle my fascination with astronomy.

EarthDesk, a product by Xeric Design, replaces the desktop picture on a Mac or Windows desktop with a dynamic image of planet Earth. This image is updated on a regular interval to reflect cloud patterns, day/night, moonlight shading, city lighting, etc. It also comes with support for multiple displays, different map projections, and a whole plethora of features which you’ll probably never use. 🙂

Maybe I’m weird, but after having this wallpaper for a whole day, I’ve realized how beautiful our planet really is. 🙂

I took a screenshot of my desktop just after 10:00 PM local time (nighttime), so you can see America’s major cities illuminating the darkness.


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  1. This is cool!

    So, Rishi, I need help!

    I wanted to buy a imac bezel with isight to replace my current bezel, but I cant find instructions on how to install it. If you could help i’d greatly appreciate it!


    • Wow Rizwana, I actually have no experience with installing bezels. You may have to contact a professional (ie, Genius Bar) to help guide you so you don’t accidentally damage anything. 😀 Good luck!

  2. Wow. That is seriously cool! I’m going to have to check that out.

    Always something to be learned on here. Always!

    You’re the man, Rishi. 🙂


    • Thanks Michelle! And how dare Akismet mark your comment as spam!! I’m in such a habit of pressing the “delete spam” button to delete everything in my spam quarantine, but I’m glad I saw your name. 😀


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