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Exit Pixel C – Enter iPad Pro

About a week ago, I sold my Pixel C and its keyboard for ~$500 on Swappa, and in return, I decided to purchase an iPad Pro 9.7″ with Apple’s Smart Keyboard. Why would an Android fanboy make such a move?

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ALC 898 Audio El Capitan Hackintosh

I was initially having problems getting my Z77X-UD5H motherboard’s onboard audio hardware (ALC 898) to work with Mac OS X El Capitan on my workstation. Although the VoodooHDA audio driver provided playback, the input was not functional (ie, no microphone), and I heard a lot of white noise when the volume …

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Android M and OS X El Capitan

The developer (and huge nerd) in me always wants to be on the bleeding edge of software releases. This time of year is always fun because both Google and Apple have their yearly developer conferences (I/O and WWDC, respectively) where they announce new services and updates to preexisting hardware and software.

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