End of Orientation – Beginning of School

This past Friday was our last and probably shortest day of orientation. We began the day by having our TB tests read and then proceeded to the lecture hall for a rundown of Baylor Med’s preclinical curriculum. We played around with our iClickers, had a Q&A session with some upperclassmen, learned some embarrassing facts about our classmates, and ultimately enjoyed a pizza lunch with our PRN group. Lunch was held in the “quad”, an area where we’ll be meeting with our mentors (who we also met on Friday) once a month as they guide on a path to success.

Over the past few days, I’ve been battling some bug which seems to throw a curveball every single day. Wednesday evening, I came home dead tired with sneezing fits. a headache, and a fever. Thursday, the night sweats and chills set in. Friday was more of the same. Saturday brought a runny nose and distorted hearing. And today, a productive cough. So much for using this weekend to “recover.” 🙁 To make matters worse, a lot of my classmates are also sick just before we start class.

I had a chance to browse through tomorrow’s lecture material, and quite frankly, I’m beyond excited! It’s just that in this sick/feverish/lethargic condition, I don’t feel like doing anything but sleeping. Not exactly the best mentality to have going into the first day of medical school, is it? 😀

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