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My Intern Class Is Awesome!

Baylor Med’s new anesthesia interns will begin our first rotations on Monday, and I couldn’t be happier to be among them! Throughout our (much drawn out) orientations in June, I’ve realized how lucky I am to be surrounded by these individuals. While most are from Texas, they come from all …

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Medicine Intern Bootcamp

Friday’s “intern bootcamp” was honestly our first useful day of orientation. We spent the day reviewing ACLS by running mock codes, learned how to place central lines with and without ultrasound, and practiced common inpatient scenarios. Although anesthesia interns won’t be officially be cross-covering for medicine teams overnight, the scenarios were …

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First Doctor White Coat!

Earlier this week, my anesthesia intern class received our white coats and pagers. While we ripped through the packaging to try on our (ridiculously over-sized) coats, there was a resounding sentiment of: “Whoa, now it’s getting real!” It’s crazy to think that we’re doctors.

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End of Orientation – Beginning of School

This past Friday was our last and probably shortest day of orientation. We began the day by having our TB tests read and then proceeded to the lecture hall for a rundown of Baylor Med’s preclinical curriculum. We played around with our iClickers, had a Q&A session with some upperclassmen, …

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Orientation – Day 1

Today was the first day of orientation on the Baylor Med campus. We had a light breakfast, made our way into the MS1 lecture hall, and were greeted by a plethora of folders labeled with our names. Inside each of these folders was paperwork – lots and lots of paperwork. …

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