Houston Rockets ’09-’10

For those NBA fans out there, perhaps you can also vouch for the surprising start for the Houston Rockets. Without Tracy McGrady, without Yao Ming, without Dikembe Mutombo (yes, he’s on par with the first two) and without Ron Artest, we’ve managed to stay over 500. Nearly escaping with a victory in Toyota Center against the Lakers, a lot of skeptics have now shifted to supporting the underdogs.

With rumors of Tracy McGrady coming back soon (personally, I don’t care), this group of talented individuals has rallied around teamwork and leadership to put on a great show! Some of my Baylor Med classmates and I have already attended two home games, and we’ve got tickets for a few more in the coming weeks. Toyota Center is definitely where the party’s at! 😎

We’re playing the Lakers tonight at Staples Center, and the odds are well in our contender’s favor; however no one will forget last year’s Playoff game after we lost Yao. Battered and demoralized without our star center, the Rockets still embarrassed the soon-to-be NBA Champions at Staples. It’s amazing what a team can do when faced with insurmountable odds. 🙂

So go ahead, write the Rockets off. Say that Houston is doomed. In the end, the die hard fans still know how to GET RED!

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