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2016-2017 NBA Fantasy Lineup

This year I'm playing NBA Fantasy in a cash league with friends all over the country. The $10 buy in for 10 players will...

Stephen Curry’s Greatness

Stephen Curry is changing the game of basketball. Its been a long time since a 6'3", slender point-guard had such a complete game and...

2015-2016 NFL Fantasy Lineup

A few people from the anesthesia department (current/former residents and attendings) are doing a just-for-fun NFL fantasy league this year, and our draft was...

NBA Africa – Mount Mutombo And The Dream!

Two of my favorite players in NBA history made an appearance at the historical first NBA exhibition game in Africa. :-)

Rockets-Clippers Game 6

It's 12:45 AM, but I wanted to write this post so in the future, I can look back and know that today was one...


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