Orientation – Day 1

Today was the first day of orientation on the Baylor Med campus. We had a light breakfast, made our way into the MS1 lecture hall, and were greeted by a plethora of folders labeled with our names. Inside each of these folders was paperwork – lots and lots of paperwork. Ranging from Metro Bus information to our official registration form, there was plenty for the 190 people in my class to sift through. Several speakers gave welcoming messages and wished us well on our journey. All in all, it was a pretty routine and enjoyable welcoming day.

Two MS2 students then gave my PRN group of eleven a tour of the registrar’s office, financial aid, the gym, the lounge, etc. after eating lunch. Heh, it’ll probably take all of us a few weeks to get familiarized with all the shortcuts and points of interest BCM has to offer. 🙂

I found two things particularly interesting. First, the number of recycling bins located throughout the institution probably equals the number found in all of east Houston. I had to go out of my way to locate a “normal” garbage can to dispose of waste more than once. Second, the lecture hall is beautiful. I’ve always been a proponent of simplicity and elegance, and this is exactly what our MS1 auditorium conveys – plenty of space, well lit, appropriately cooled, comfortable chairs, and convenient power outlets. There’s nothing flashy or distracting whatsoever. I may end up staying after each lecture to review the material in the same hall. Heck, it’s where I’m writing this blog post from. 😀 I love it!

Some other activities I participated in today:

  • Measured for our white coats (size 38 for me)
  • Received a TB skin test
  • Got my locker assignment
  • Received a ridiculous amount of candy and freebies (including our iClicker)
  • Activated my BCM e-mail account (rishik [AT] bcm [DOT] edu)
  • Registered for Medicine and Management (a 1.5 credit elective for block 1)

Tonight, I’ll be going to the PRN group leaders’ apartment for dinner, getting home late tonight, and preparing for another day of orientation.

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  1. yay! your blog inspires me! im really motivated to get back to school, and do my best so one day, one day soon, be in your shoes.


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