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Our Cadaver – A Female?

My gross anatomy group got together yesterday afternoon to dissect out the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor muscles of the chest, and did we have one heck of a realization! Our cadaver was initially presented to us face-down (dorsal side facing up) so we could easily dissect the back/shoulder; however, to access the chest, we obviously had to flip the specimen over.

Well after flipping, we discovered that the “he” was actually a “she.” Kind of embarrassing, but apparently, we aren’t the only group who made the false assumption. On the bright side, we found a pace-maker. 馃檪

Let’s just say that in a group of four females, I feel even more out of place with a female cadaver. 馃榾 Nah, my group rocks!


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  1. We weren’t the only group with that issue? Whew!


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