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Bovine Aortic Arch

Over a dozen different aortic arch great vessel configurations have been described in humans. I’ve illustrated the two most common types in...

The Heart’s Fibrous Skeleton

There’s a complex yet beautiful architecture within the heart's fibrous skeleton and valvular geometry. To become a proficient perioperative echocardiographer, one must understand these...

Neuraxial Anesthetics And Anatomy

Understanding neuraxial anatomy is an essential part to successfully perform epidural and spinal (intrathecal) anesthetics. Here's a schematic outlining the layers we encounter when...

Layers Of The Scalp

Did you know the word "scalp" is actually an acronym for five layers of tissue?

Bronchopulmonary Segments

Anatomically, the trachea extends from the cricoid cartilage (level of C6/C7) to the carina (T4/T5) and is reinforced anteriorly by approximately 20...


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