Snow in Houston

The last time it snowed in Houston was probably the most memorable day of my life – I received “the call” from Baylor Med. Almost exactly a year later, so much has changed. I’ve started this voyage. I’ve met some incredible people. And I finally got to see 12 Days (if you have to ask, you don’t need to know).

I unexpectedly received an accolade for “being famous… on the Internet” yesterday evening which consisted of a miniature trophy and two Warheads. *Sighs*, the pleasure of burning my taste buds into oblivion…. and they say we’re in a recession. 😀  I was really embarrassed considering that the other contenders were the class president who interviewed celebrities at the Oscar’s, a classmate’s model portfolio, and an extremely creative colleague’s YouTube channel. Suddenly I feel ridiculously a.) unsocial, b.) unattractive, and c.) uncreative.

Now let me tell you about Houston snow. We get this fabulous form of precipitation about once a year, and most years, it’s not even legit (the snowflakes melt as soon as they hit the ground). This was the case yesterday until around 4:00 PM when the temperature finally approached freezing. Car hoods and rooftops were painted white-ish. As far as the actual snowflakes go… imagine ugly little white pellets of mush. Yeah, that’s Houston snow. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed seeing the snow for most of the later morning and early afternoon. I sat in histology staring outside the window wishing I could go run around the medical center taking in the icy cold air and stomping across frozen grass. It’s a rare event in Houston, and I hope everyone made the most of it.

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