Female Perineum Dissection

Over the last three weeks, we’ve dissected through the female perineum and explored the reproductive system thoroughly. Psychologically, I’ve gone from feeling confident about my anatomy knowledge to a guessing game of how severely I’ll fail the practical; however, yesterday’s sample pinning quickly restored my confidence.

By virtue of having a female cadaver, we could not partake in dissecting the male reproductive structures (which are way more complicated than a female’s), but my classmates with male cadavers have been excellent teachers in showcasing what they’ve dissected. 🙂

The perineum is a pretty nifty area. Without it, the contents of one’s abdomen would quite literally “fall out” from between their legs. That could be pretty bad. 😛

It’s kind of exciting knowing that we’ve practically finished dissecting the entire human body (except the head/neck region). Looking back, I’ve learned hundreds of new clinical correlations, muscles, bones, and ligaments… many of which I will never need to know again. With my aim at neurosurgery, block 4’s anatomy will be a lot more interesting and relevant to me. But till then, it’s time to master the abdominal/perineal region.

Wow, and now as I reread this post, I’ve realized how disconnected the content is. Oh well. 🙂

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