Thigh Dissection

After finishing the upper extremity, I was starting to feel pretty good! With all the muscles, bones, nerves, arteries, etc. that we’ve studied… how much more could really be left? As a rule of thumb – never doubt the complexity of the human body. 😛

My tank began our dissection of the thigh on Tuesday. Somewhere between abductor longus and obturator internus, I decided that I really had no idea how to study anatomy. I put forth a genuine effort to at least know the muscle names the night before, but in the actual gross anatomy environment, my mind went blank. Hope that doesn’t happen on the practical. 😉

The thigh is pretty complicated! I think I’ve got a grasp of the muscles, but I still need to learn their locations, attachments, and innervations. If the lower extremity is like the upper, than I know that it’s just going to get more difficult as we work our way down to the foot.

The anatomy practical is shaping up to be somewhat of a nightmare. Bring it on! 🙂

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