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Thigh Dissection

After finishing the upper extremity, I was starting to feel pretty good! With all the muscles, bones, nerves, arteries, etc. that we’ve studied… how much more could really be left? As a rule of thumb – never doubt the complexity of the human body. 馃槢

My tank began our dissection of the thigh on Tuesday. Somewhere between abductor longus and obturator internus, I decided that I really had no idea how to study anatomy. I put forth a genuine effort to at least know the muscle names the night before, but in the actual gross anatomy environment, my mind went blank. Hope that doesn’t happen on the practical. 馃槈

The thigh is pretty complicated! I think I’ve got a grasp of the muscles, but I still need to learn their locations, attachments, and innervations. If the lower extremity is like the upper, than I know that it’s just going to get more difficult as we work our way down to the foot.

The anatomy practical is shaping up to be somewhat of a nightmare. Bring it on! 馃檪


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