TMDSAS Match 2009

It’s kind of exciting to know that in the next twenty-four hours, a lot of pre-health students (mainly Texas residents) will have their life long dreams finally come true. 🙂 After receiving my Baylor Med acceptance, I withdrew my TMDSAS application entirely. This disqualifies me from being considered for the “Match” which will be posted at some point tomorrow. For those who don’t know how the Texas medical/dental school application service works… it’s best described as a hybrid system between rolling admissions and a match. Yeah, leave it to Texas to have such a weird system. 😉

First, we interview. After the interview, we can start receiving “early” offers (ie, acceptances before February 1st). Students who receive such offers are fortunate in that they can start planning living arrangements, transportation, etc. earlier than their soon-to-be peers. Students who interviewed at Texas schools1 but didn’t receive an early offer must “rank” the schools where they interviewed. These schools, in turn, rank the students they interviewed. Then, some computer program does its magic and “matches” the students to schools. Keep in mind that this doesn’t guarantee everyone a spot in medical/dental school (as there are many more applicants than available spots), so after match day, the rolling admissions process resumes. Unfortunately, by this point, the vast majority of available spots have been filled at all the Texas schools. To be thorough, even if a student holds one or more early offers, they should rank those schools as their top choices for the match.

Eager students are now ready to destroy the TMDSAS servers at exactly 11:59 PM, compulsively refreshing the web page until a glorious “match” is made evident. Gotta admire the mentality of us paranoid pre-health students. 😀

1Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) doesn’t participate in the Texas match. BCM is on an entirely separate application (the AMCAS), which is why I was able to withdraw my entire TMDSAS application to voluntarily disqualify myself.

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    • As much as I hate to admit it, I have no doubt in your ability to have at least one acceptance offer before the match. You really are a fantastic candidate… sort of. 😉

      • why rank a school higher just because they gave you a prematch offer? That doesn’t make sense to me, unless they really are your top choice.

        • I reread through my post and don’t know if this comment is related to it or not, lol. I hope I didn’t imply that ranking a school higher if you were prematched is a good idea (unless, as you said, it really is your first choice). Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  1. woohoo…..the match! =)

    Actually, I just feel fortunate not to have to worry about the match. Its just icing on the cake.

    BTW, after leaving you two messages on here awhile ago but having them deleted b/c i dont like filling my e-mail address in I gave up. But now that i’m here again, your brothers computers is freakin amazing. I’ve been looking into getting a a netbook….is the dell mini 9 the one i should go with?

    • Lol, oh Anh. Don’t worry about filling in your e-mail address. It’s encrypted from spam bots, so the only person who could *really* abuse that information is yours truly. 😉

      The only reasons I got the Dell Mini 9 are a.) it runs a solid state drive (lower power consumption and increased reliability at the cost of lower overall storage space) and b.) it’s easier to “hack” Mac OS X onto. Sam’s Club has an an awesome deal on the Mini 9 if you’re a member. The only complaint I had with this specific netbook is the cramped keyboard (but then again, we *are* talking about portability here). Dell also has a Mini 12 which is probably the largest netbook on the market. If you wait a little longer, they’re also releasing a Mini 10. 🙂


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