Apply Early, Apply Everywhere

July is halfway done, and interview invitations are already rolling out for some lucky applicants. At this point, there are only a handful of legitimate excuses not to have submitted your application, so if you’ve not, get on it!!

Any undergrad pre-health professions advisor or committee will drill the need to “APPLY EARLY” into your head well before you even take the MCAT. When it comes to medical school applications, “the early bird gets the worm,” or in this case, the interview spot. Also, not all schools will wait till the application deadline to fill all their interview slots. Don’t miss out on your chance just because you applied late.

Second, applying to medical school should only be a one time affair; statistics show it’s incredibly difficult to get in as a re-applicant unless you’ve substantially improved in a number of areas. If you’ve had even the slightest inkling to apply to a school, do it! Sure, you’re trying to keep costs low and you may be set on attending one of a handful of top choices, but this is your chance to get your name out there go out for any school which may have crossed your mind. A lot of applicants feel that they may not be qualified and therefore have no business applying to some of the nation’s top schools, but what do you have to lose (disregarding the fees)? Who knows… they may be dazzled by something else about you which you took for granted. If finances aren’t a problem, I say go for it!

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