Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University End Merger Talks

Well it looks like negotiations between Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine have finally reached a definitive consensus – the merger talks are over. Students at both institutions received an e-mail from the school presidents earlier today.

We are writing to inform you that Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University have ended our discussions about a possible merger of our two institutions. At the same time, both institutions have agreed to develop further our existing academic and research relationship, which has grown significantly over the years.

There were pros and cons to this merger to begin with, but now I’m glad that the haze has cleared, and we have a final decision. Baylor Med has an interesting future ahead of it! With a fiscally positive year, a recent sum of money given for research, and motivated students, I’m not worried at all about the end of merger talks. In fact, I’m quite optimistic. As an independent institution, BCM has come a long way in the 41 years since it broke off from Baylor University, and I’m confident we can go a lot further. 🙂

The Houston chronicle has a great article summarizing the situation.

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  1. I predict a merger with Baylor University by the end of this month or the next.

    It’s interesting to note that now that Debakey is gone, the two are considering a union.

    It is also going to be interesting to see how Baylor U approaches the stem cell research that is being conducted at BCM.

    All in all, I do agree with RK’s post. BCM should be fine in the short and long term regardless of what happens.


  2. I agree with both John and Nissar. It is disappointing, but in a lot of ways, we’re better off on our own. Maybe the Methodist system will buy us out to man their facilities. 😉

  3. talk of Baylor University merging with our med school makes me queasy….
    I dont even know why our administration would even consider this since a TON of faculty would leave if that occurred due to their religious-affiliation

  4. Yeah the stuff about Baylor University was definitely not in that article when I first read it earlier today, but Kretzer was ranting and raving about something about Baylor U after anatomy lab today. Not sure what’s going on there; I’m still not sure how being a partner with a university 3+ hours away makes any sense, but I’m sure Dr. Butler and the rest of BCM leadership know what they’re doing. In any case, count me disappointed but not worried.

  5. Rishi,
    Did you mean for your poll to read “Can Baylor Med survive withOUT Rice?” I heard that Baylor University is going to try to get Ivy League status…I suppose picking up BCM might help their cause.

    • Good catch man! I’ve corrected it. I really don’t know whether Baylor Med and Baylor University should get back together for several reasons, but as of right now, medical education is unfazed and going strong.


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