Baylor Med-isms

You know you’re a student at Baylor Med when…

  • Lecturers say things like “I’m motivated by the fact that I’m hot, and I need to take off my clothes.”
  • When in doubt, you know it’s vimentin positive.
  • You’re taught ten things monocytes can become but are likely to get asked for fifteen things they can become on an exam.
  • You would rather sell your first born rather than live a life of shame for missing a question on cilia.
  • When leaving a block party, you calculate exactly how many days are left till the next one.
  • “Positively elegant” is a complete sentence.
  • The first thing you do after opening a PowerPoint file is look at the slide count… even before the title of the lecture.
  • You live on a steady supply of candy for student affairs, coffee from the alumni office, and lunch from various meetings/seminars.

That’s all for now, but I’ll keep adding more content to this post in the future. 🙂

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