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This past application cycle for Baylor Med has been an incredible experience for me. I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of applicants, many of who are matriculating to BCM this fall. What makes me even happier is the fact that, in spite of all the negative articles regarding BCM, students are forcing the current student body and faculty to address the tough questions.

I’m so glad they’ve realized the only way to get a realistic portrayal of what’s going on within the four walls is to ask current students. Not previous students, not one or two MS1s, but a demographic vast enough to provide a trustworthy assessment of in-school affairs.

There are others who try to prove their insight by consistently citing biased periodicals, but in reality, they’re just showcasing their foolishness if you ask me. What really puts me over the edge is when two opposing viewpoints are “justified” with said articles. Neither party is doing justice to their cause, especially when the truth is out there. For example, you can throw all the articles you want about BCM’s drop in rankings or financial situation at me, but I know that any of my classmates will have a more accurate portrayal of what’s actually happening compared to statements from the Houston Chronicle. Plus, they’ll know whether certain topics are even relevant to you as an incoming MS1. Trust me, it’s not very hard to fire up Google and look for dirt on multi-million dollar institutions, medical or not, so why worry if certain issues don’t even affect your education?

So when you want to find out the “inside scoop” about a school you’re considering to attend, please consult the current students and faculty rather than arbitrary writings scattered across the net (including this site) to make your final decision.

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