End of Block 7b

With the conclusion of block 7b, I’ve learned a great deal about pulmonary and renal pathophysiology. Or at least I hope I did. Hmmm… I miss the days of grade school where all we had to know was that lungs were involved in breathing and kidneys made urine. Oh yeah, and that we had two of each. 😛

Fortunately, the weather has started to cool down significantly in Houston, but it’s also that time of year when allergies flare up for a lot of people – myself included. I had slept four hours over the last three days because of exams and intended to use last night as a much-needed catchup after the block party. Instead, I got two hours of shut eye on account of my airway being completely “obstructed” (ah ha, I did learn something in pulmonary) due to congestion. Oh well, at least there’s no exam to worry about for the next three weeks. 🙂

With regards to the past block, I came across a symptom (this time, in the context of pulmonary emboli) which I’ve seen several times before – a “sense of impending doom.” Frankly, this just sounds like a cool symptom! Granted it’s horrible for the patient, but it makes me wonder what a patient with that symptom would even present like. How would I respond to try to ease their concerns? Hmmm, can’t wait till clinics! 😉

With the NBA season on the horizon, Yao Ming is set to return to action for the Houston Rockets. That’s if he doesn’t twist his ankle in any more practices. 😯 Several classmates and I are going to the preseason game against the Spurs in a few weeks, so I’m looking forward to that.

Now it’s time to get back to editing videos… for a special tradition Baylor Med has… which I can’t talk about. Stay tuned!

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