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End of Block 7b

With the conclusion of block 7b, I’ve learned a great deal about pulmonary and renal pathophysiology. Or at least I hope I did. Hmmm… I miss the days of grade school where all we had to know was that lungs were involved in breathing and kidneys made urine. Oh yeah, …

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Block 7b – Week 2

One week into block 7b and it’s already 1/3rd done. After a couple of back-to-back two month blocks (5 and 6), I’m enjoying this fast-paced curriculum even more. The MS1s have their first real exam tomorrow. They’ve all been studying really hard, so I’m sure they’ll do great! 馃檪

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Rainy Beginning to Block 7b

Today was one of those “I don’t have any classes in the afternoon, so I’m going to stream lectures instead” days. The heavy downpour from the outer bands of tropical storm Hermine gave me even more of an incentive to avoid the roads and stay at home. I enjoyed finishing …

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