Great Day In Who’datville

Whether it’s the resurgence of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina or Drew Brees’ resurgence after his shoulder injury, this Super Bowl victory really is a special one for the Saints. I’m just glad that all the haters out there got a double-serving of WHO ‘DAT on Sunday night. 😛

As far as The Who performing during the half-time show… ehhh… I’m sure some people enjoyed it. I’m just not into their music.

Some comments on the commercials:

  • Motorola made two great decisions in the last year – using Google’s Android as the cornerstone of their products and using Megan Fox as a cornerstone of… marketing.
  • Doritos probably exhausted their entire 2009 earnings for the amount of air time they had during the Super Bowl.
  • I absolutely loved the Google commercial.

One thing’s for sure… Mardi Gras isn’t going to be anything short of legendary this year. 😀

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