Rainy Beginning to Block 7b

Today was one of those “I don’t have any classes in the afternoon, so I’m going to stream lectures instead” days. The heavy downpour from the outer bands of tropical storm Hermine gave me even more of an incentive to avoid the roads and stay at home. I enjoyed finishing a six hour day (four in lecture, two in the car) within two hours. Thank you, Enounce. 🙂

During block 7b (three weeks long). we’ll be exploring renal and respiratory pathology. Though these aren’t my favorite topics, I’m coming off a really good block 7a (cardiology and hematology/oncology), so I’m pumped to revisit acid-base physiology, homeostasis, etc. I’m also excited to announce that after being in school for over a year, I’ve finally decided that I need to establish a studying routine. Then again, I promised I would do this at many points over the last seven blocks. Bleh, time management is overrated. 😉

After seeing Google’s utilization of HTML5 in their latest Doodle, I decided to ramp up some features on my site too. In addition to the collapsible and rearrangeable docking boxes in the sidebar, the bottom-bar is now collapsible too. You can also pan from post-to-post using the links at the top of a post without the entire page reloading. Yes, I know these really aren’t related to “HTML5” (JQuery, if you’re curious), but the Google Doodle was the inspiration I needed. I’ll be adding some minor CSS3 design edits in the coming week. Speaking of HTML5/CSS3, this is a perfect time for me to remind all the Internet Explorer users out there that rather than living in the stone age, you should do yourself and the entire Internet community a favor by switching to an open-source browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Alright, in light of my new “study routine”, I’m going to go review today’s lectures… for the exams… a month away.

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