RK.MD Domain Renewal

It’s been two years since I transferred my previous domain to rk.md. At that time, I was running WordPress 2.7, using a theme written by the K2 community, and eagerly awaiting acceptances from medical schools (especially Baylor Med 🙂 ).

In the two years since then, I’ve transitioned to a self-coded theme and written 381 posts, most of which directly concern medical school. The best part about keeping a journal/blog is having the luxury of going back in time to see how you overcame strife or found inspiration during hopelessness. I love revisiting these moments in my past to see how I’ve matured (and continue to mature) as an individual. Sometimes I reread things I wrote months ago and think: “Wow, what was I thinking? Medicine is nothing like that.” Other times, I find myself becoming more opinionated on fronts which I previously was ambivalent towards. I guess I’ll have many more moments once clinicals start in January. 😀

I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind my readership that I sincerely appreciate the feedback you’ve submitted via site comments and/or e-mails. I genuinely enjoy answering the questions of aspiring pre-meds, revising snippets of code, or just talking about my experiences in general. Becoming a practicing physician is a long, arduous journey, but I hope to chronicle my thoughts and continue to help curious Internet-goers. Keep those questions coming!

The next time I renew this website (November 2012), I’ll be finished with the bulk of my clinical rotations, Step I will be a thing of the past, I’ll hopefully be interviewing at residency programs, and planet Earth will be one month away from total destruction on 12/21/2012. 😉

As lax as that sounds (well, except for the whole Earth-going-kaput thing), the next two years are going to be extremely demanding in terms of long hours, preparing for shelf exams, and doing well on the USMLE Step I. Hopefully I’ll still find time to write about my experiences regularly. 🙂

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