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New Domain Name – rk.md

Most of you are familiar with domain name extensions like .com, .net, and .gov. In addition to these are extensions which are specific to countries (.us – USA, .uk – Great Britain, .ca – Canada, .cn – China, and so on). Knowing this, I decided to exercise the ridiculous nerdy yet creative side of my mind.

Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress, has an interesting domain name: https://ma.tt. See how his first name is his entire domain name (with the addition of a period in between)? The “.tt” extension is actually for Trinidad and Tobago, so he had to register the domain name through the country after making sure that “ma” was not taken. After first trying to do something similar (like https://ris.hi), I discovered that “.hi” is not an extension. I got to thinking, and then it finally hit me. My future title will be Rishi Kumar, M.D., so if “.md” was a possibility, then I would be victorious – God bless Moldova’s country extension. 馃檪

Then, I wanted the shortest but most relevant name possible. What better than my initials? Since the registration price is rather expensive, no one else had purchased “rk.md”, so it was a perfect match. The entire website is only five characters long compared to the fifteen characters of my previous rishi-kumar.com, so in my pursuit for higher simplicity in life, this was fantastic.

This also means that at some point, I’ll shut down rishi-kumar.com; therefore, please update your bookmarks to https://rk.md.

If you have any other site improvement suggestions, let me know! 馃檪


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  1. Oh, you’re talking about gravatars. Click on that link, type in the same e-mail address you use when posting comments, and then upload a picture. Simple as that. 馃檪

  2. how do you add a picture with your post?

  3. Thanks Neil! That’s exactly what I was going for. 馃檪

  4. Love the new domain, its very personal which is hard to find in the net these days 馃檪

  5. For two years, $275. (Very steep compared to traditional .com domain registrations). On the bright side, the hosting is free, since I already had an account with BlueHost.

  6. how much did u pay?


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